The Path of Wellbeing Program

Community Support for Stress, Physical Pain, and Emotional Struggles

Feb 1 - Mar 30, 2019

with Kimberly Brown and Dan Cayer

Research suggests that finding people you can safely and openly share with can provide needed support to navigate the joys and complexities of life. In this program, you’ll learn how wellbeing is available no matter what the circumstances; despite adverse conditions we can learn to develop compassion, wisdom, and even appreciation for our situation and our lives. With practice we can come to regard our struggles as an opportunity to deepen our relationship with ourself and others.


Our Approach

The Path of Wellbeing program is a course of study and meditation developed as a training to help you relate to your body and mind with acceptance and openness. Many of us experience physical and emotional pain that we are unable to change, despite our best efforts to do so.  This can cause frustration and disappointment, and sometimes a sense of shame that we can’t fix or correct our problems. Sometimes we struggle for years trying to get better, and yet remain sick, in pain, emotionally distressed, or injured. Our struggle to get well can result in even greater disconnection from, and hostility towards, our bodies and our hearts..

We can all (re)discover a sense of peace  and ease in our lives that doesn’t depend on eradicating pain, generating pleasant feelings, or creating ideal circumstances. Through a unique blend of embodiment practices, lovingkindness meditation, discussion, and experiential exercises, we will learn to transform experiences of suffering and stress into openness and self-acceptance, while approaching all aspects of ourselves with kindness, compassion, and wisdom.

Please note: the object of this program is not to prevent you from getting better.  Rather the object is to deeply understand that allowing the present moment to arise without resisting it and/or fighting against it will profoundly change the way you relate to our struggles and bring a sense of freedom and ease to each moment.  

Program Features

  • Mindfulness instruction and practice

  • Body awareness and posture skills drawn from the Alexander Technique

  • Lovingkindness meditation instruction and practice

  • An understanding of self-compassion, self-acceptance, and equanimity

  • Techniques to work with physical pain and discomfort

  • Ways to activate your body's natural relaxation response

  • Ways to work with difficult emotions

  • Discussion of stress, its causes and prevention

  • Peer support


January 10, 7:30-9pm - Interactive Online Orientation - If you miss orientation, we will provide you with the information necessary to begin on 2/1.

February 1, 7-9pm

February 2, 10-4pm

March 8, 7-9pm

March 9, 10-4pm

March 29, 7-9pm

March 30, 10-4pm

Registration Information

This program is offered on a sliding fee scale. Please select the highest amount you can comfortably afford to support this and other donation-based initiatives. Scroll below for scholarship opportunities. Space is limited. Please register early to save your seat. 


  • Supported $200: suggested for students, seniors, and unemployed

  • Basic            $400   

  • Patron          $550: suggested for those who can pay the full cost of this program, and wish to  help support scholarship students




Online Orientation: What is Wellbeing?

Dan and Kim will discuss the intention of the program, the difference between healing and curing, and offer readings and techniques to practice until our first weekend training. NOTE: Orientation is not mandatory. If you register after 1/9, we will provide you the necessary info to begin on 2/1.

January 9 - 7:30-9pm

Weekend Intensive 1: Returning Home to the Body

We’ll explore the relationship between embodiment and our sense of compassion and warmth for ourselves and others. Through experiential exercises, contemplation and discussion, we’ll learn how pushing away our pain, struggles, and stress disconnects us from our heart and from other people, and causes even more suffering. We’ll begin to embrace all our experiences with mindfulness, kindness and patience.

February 1, 7-9pm

February 2, 10-4pm

Weekend Intensive 2: Developing Self-Compassion

We’ll learn and practice lovingkindness meditation, cultivate tools to work with difficult emotions, and practice allowing ourselves to offer as much attention and care to our own experience as we do for others.

March 8, 7-9pm

March 9, 10-4pm

Weekend Intensive 3: Staying Present and Open

Each participant will present a personal Path to Wellbeing plan, developed for their own needs to help sustain the learnings of the program. We’ll also explore mindfulness and compassion practices, interactive exercises, and leave time to share experiences and support with each other.

March 29, 7-9pm

March 30, 10-4pm