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"There is a teaching that says that behind all hardening and tightening and rigidity of the heart, there’s always fear. But if you touch fear, behind fear there is a soft spot. And if you touch that soft spot, you find the vast blue sky." - Pema Chodron

Ananda: "This is half of the holy life, lord: admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie."[1]
Buddha: "Don't say that, Ananda. Don't say that. Admirable friendship, admirable companionship, admirable camaraderie is actually the whole of the holy life."

Slightly obsessed with the Pāli Canon, but opening up to discover beauty, wisdom, joy and loving kindness in all manifestations of the Dharma and of my experience. Sustained by daily practice, prospect park, coconut mylk ice cream and a wise and compassionate spiritual community/family.

Inspired by:
The Elder Nun's whose stories are housed in the Therigatha (with an especially heartfelt appreciation of Kisa Gotami and Subha), Tara, Venerable Pannavati Karuna, Ajahn Thanasanti Bhikkhuni, Ajahn Brahm, Sharon Salzberg, Thanissara, Willoughby Britton and the most supportive and hilarious community of suuuuper lovable practitioners that I call home: Dharma Punx :)

Dharma related interests and current practices: how to be authentic and constantly changing, making Sila more central, mindful movement, equanimity, non-attatched appreciation, gratitude, practical applications, loving kindness and positive affect states, mental health, holistic health, food and mindful consumption, social justice, trauma, addiction and recovery, spiritual materialism, activism, feminism: identity without self, bottom up Buddhism, anti-oppression, compassion, jhanas, contemplative spirituality and scientific correlates, interdependence, open awareness and lots and lots and lots of noting.

Favorite Quote

"If I'm chasing it, there's a good chance it's my tail. If I'm running from it, there's a good chance it's my shadow."

"If I want to be amazed, I have to pay attention."

"May we feel healthy,
May we feel brave,
May we feel calm,
May we give and receive love freely."

Grateful Office Assitant at IDP, Founder of The SILA Project and Independent Holistic Health Coach

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