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After being laid off from the corporate Ad world of Manhattan I went on a life changing journey that led me to find my passion, my voice, and the strength to start my own business. One thing that accelerated my awakening process was learning to live within one suitcase and on very limited funds, this was in complete opposition to the years I spent mindlessly feeding my walk in closet to instantly gratify myself. Through my journey I began to realize how much we hide behind consumption and buying, without too much thought of where that money goes after it leaves our hands. My money has power and I choose to spend it in ways that I value, what I see as beneficial to us, the world, and the economy. A large part of corporate goods come from countries where people are subjected to poor working conditions and have few rights so that corporations can cut their expenses, increase their profits and distribute their wealth internally.
During this trip I also found many small designers along the way who created unique accessories that help me update my well worn outfits. Upon my return to New York City, I began creating my own accessories and selling them at local shows. This is when I realized, that although there are so many wonderful designers, there is not a quality outlet where luxury shoppers can find high end designer goods that support small designers, their integrity, creativity and their production process. Like an on line consignment shop, I want Accessuri.com to be a place where mindful consumers can purchase goods from passionate designers. I like to dress glamorous, but most luxury brand items are made in China, where human rights have little regard. I would like people to be able to purchase high quality items they will not only value but will also give positive energy back to the world. For every item sold on Accesuri.com $1 is donated to the DNA Foundation to stop human trafficking.

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"The greatest sin is to not allow a being to be." Rachana Suri
"People will feel about you the way you feel about yourself." Rachana Suri

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