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I have been studying multiple Buddhist traditions for many years, and have been paying attention to the Interdependence Project almost since its inception.

I am by training and vocation a scientist. I often find deep parallels between what we are learning about scientific psychology, physical science, and Buddhist philosophy. Therefore, my approach to Buddhism is very empirical in nature. It is a philosophical and practical Buddhism, rather than being mystical.

I have been listening to the IDP podcasts since about 2006, have been an IDP member and private student of Ethan Nichtern's since about 2012, and completed the IDP Teacher Training. I am an ordained Zen priest in the Five Mountain Zen Order.

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“A scholar tries to learn something everyday; a student of Buddhism tries to unlearn something daily.” - Alan Watts

“For every individual is a unique manifestation of the Whole, as every branch is a particular outreaching
of the tree. To manifest individuality, every branch must have a sensitive connection with the tree, just as our independently moving and differentiated fingers must have a sensitive connection with the whole body. The point, which can hardly be repeated too often, is that differentiation is not separation.” - Alan Watts

University professor & research scientist

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