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Your Body is Your Practice

Learning to become mindful and familiar with our body sensations and paying attention to our physical reactions can help with stress, pain, and self-acceptance. In this monthly workshop with experienced teacher Dan Cayer, you will learn to activate your body's natural relaxation response through practicing simple techniques. 

Our body can be a source of joy and confidence, and an instrument for pleasure and connection.  But all too often, we experience it as an achy, chubby, worry and tension-filled burden that we try to manage, ignore, or control in the midst of our busy lives.  Research indicates that being with the reality of our present moment body experience, and learning to explore it with patience and kindness, can help everyone find a sense of peace which doesn't depend on pleasant feelings or ideal circumstances.

In this ongoing monthly workshop, we will explore what it means to establish a spiritual and mindfulness practice with the body as a central element.  How can we care for our body without trying to micromanage or endlessly perfect it?  How much discomfort is okay? Can we learn to hear our body's wisdom?

This two-hour workshop will incorporate meditation practice, awareness of emotions, and skills drawn from the Alexander Technique.  Dan's personal experience with debilitating illness enables him to help others meet their experiences with curiosity, humor, and compassion. 

No experience is necessary.  Cushions and chairs will be provided. 

Registration Fees:

  • $20 Students & Unemployed

  • $40 Members

  • $60 Full Fee

This program is offered on a sliding fee scale. Please select the highest amount you can comfortably afford to support this and other donation-based initiatives.  IDP Members, please select the middle rate.  Students, seniors, and unemployed persons, please select the lowest rate. See below for scholarship opportunities.

Sliding Scale:
Earlier Event: May 17
Later Event: May 19