Beginning June 1, 2019, our Teacher Training Programs will take place at One Circle Wellness Center. Please read the announcement from our Board of Directors.

IDP is a Meditation Teacher Training Center in New York City. Our programs are designed to help everyone learn to teach mindfulness and kindness to adults and children, with integrity and heart.

Originally founded by Ethan Nichtern in 2006, IDP began as an informal gathering for meditation, arts, and activism, and has since evolved into 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, with a focus on supporting and cultivating mindfulness and meditation teachers.

Our efforts include understanding the conditions that cause suffering in our society and the world, and offering space for all identities to come together and flourish, while orienting our actions to skillfully support our shared humanity.

Our organization is led by our Board of Directors, and supported by teachers and volunteers.



Our mission is to create a wiser world, one mind at a time, with programs and events to enable everyone to recognize our profound interdependence with all living beings. Our vision is creating an equitable and kind world where all creatures flourish and thrive together in peace.