The Interdependence Project Study Group in Boston, MA gathers on Sundays at 5:30 pm at
The Breathing Room, 763 Mass. Ave, Central Square, Cambridge, MA

We are curious minds of Boston who get together to explore our selves and our interdependence on the meditation cushion and through the shared study of secular Buddhism. We offer you the chance to study the IDP classes: you listen to the class at home (in your own time) and we meet as a group to discuss our thoughts, reactions and ideas.

These study sessions are open to beginners and experienced meditators and we welcome anyone who would like to drop in and learn more about secular buddhism or deepen their buddhist studies. This is a drop-in event, and pre-registration is not necessary.

We're offering it on a donation basis. If you would like to listen to the IDP classes at home, there is a nominal charge for the audio recordings, but is not necessary to join the group. The Interdependence Project is the only a multi-lineage, Secular Buddhist Community, committed to personal development and collective engagement through contemplative practice. Come join us and get interconnected! Since we already are...

This group will meet weekly and will be led by Renee Bochman, a graduate of the IDP Yearlong Immersion and IDP's Remote Study Coordinator.  For more information contact us at  or follow us here:

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