Beyond Mindfulness: A Guide to Buddhist Meditation Techniques - Audio Series


The Buddhist word for meditation is "bhavana," which means "to make grow,"  to use contemplative techniques to develop an understanding and mastery of one's own mind.  All Buddhist traditions cultivate wisdom and ethics through meditation and teach both concentration (Pali: samatha) and/or insight (Pali:vipassana).  In this six-class audio series, originally presented live at The Interdependence Project, teachers Kimberly Brown, Kate Johnson, Lani Rowe, and Lawrence Grecco discuss and practice the most common meditation styles and learn how they can be applied to specific difficulties and goals, and how and why different Buddhist lineages practice different styles of meditation.

Class 1: Introduction to Meditation - A discussion of the history of contemplative techniques and how they became part of the Buddhist tradition.  Learn and practice mindfulness of body techniques.

Class 2: Calm-abiding Meditation - Often referred to by its Pali name, "Shamatha," calm-abiding meditation stabilizes the mind and includes focusing practices on breath and objects.  Learn and practice mindfulness of breath meditation.

Class 3: Insight Meditation - Also known by its Pali name, "vipassana," or "clear-seeing," these techniques allow us to develop clarity and wisdom of the nature of reality.  A discussion of the Three Marks of Existence.  Learn the difference between mindfulness and concentration; practice observing-phenomenon meditation. 

Class 4: Awareness Meditation - Zen calls it "Shikantaza;" in Tibetan it's "Mahamudra." Awareness techniques are found in every Buddhist lineage. A discussion of the three poisons; practice simply resting in natural awareness without trying to fix or change anything.

Class 5: Lovingkindness Meditation - In Pali, "Metta," in Sanskrit, "Maitri," this meditation is both a concentration and an insight practice.  Taught by the Buddha as a way to overcome fear, lovingkindness meditation allows us to realize equanimity as well as understand interdependence and compassion.  A review of the Karaniya Metta Sutta; practice the traditional method of Metta meditation. 

Class 6: Cultivating Meditation Practice -  A discussion of how to maintain a daily practice and what obstacles you might encounter in meditation.


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