The Bodhisattva Path: A Six-Class Series with Ethan Nichtern

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Originally presented as a six-week course by Senior Teacher and Founder, Ethan Nichtern, at The Interdependence Project, this 12-hour audio class is an excellent introduction to the Buddhist ideal of the Bodhisattva. 

Ethan discusses how developing a state of mind that experiences openness and compassion toward oneself and others is the key to overcoming negative self-image. This state of mind is known as Bodhicitta (Awakened HeartMind), and those who have vowed to consistently work with obstacles in order to cultivate this experience are known as Bodhisattvas. Through practices and lecture, Ethan offers the vast and complex teachings of the Bodhisattva Path in an accessible and modern offering, teaching important tools for gradually diminishing self-obsession, as well as highly practical techniques to bring clarity in the heat of difficult moments of anger, doubt, fear, and craving.

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