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The Pledge

- I pledge to reduce my consumption of disposable & harmful items for the next 30 days.

- I pledge to focus specifically on one or more items of my choosing, such as plastic bags, to notice and work mindfully with the momentum of my habits.

- Remembering that everything in the world is connected, I pledge to do my best to be aware of the damage caused by lack of attention and careless convenience.

- Knowing that it’s impossible to cause zero harm, I pledge to maintain a sense of humor about my actions as I practice, while still working to limit the negative impact of my consumption choices on myself, others, and the planet we all share.

Thanks for taking the time to commit to these pledges.

Remember that 30 days is not such a long time to practice this way, when you consider that in just the last 30 years, human society has used up one third of the Earth’s natural resources.


More info about all of our Responsible Consumption Month activity is available here

Share Your Practice! - Follow-up with your pledge by writing a journal or posting photos on the IDP Blog.  You can share all this info, and your activity on facebook and twitter with tag  #ResponsibleConsumption



great share here

great share here

I am a SOcial-eMOtional Leader!

And so, I pledge to:

  • set up a recycling spot for Easter's celebration Sunday at my parent's
  • carry reusable water and coffee mugs
  • be more mindful of keeping fork over knife and eating organic, local, and fresh
  • pay forward this mindfulness to others

Loving Our World

Because I love Mother Earth and all of her richness, I pledge to:

  • limit my book buying, and only read library material or get books from paperbackswap if a new book is a must;
  • limit take out foods that require packaging. If I must by lunch at work that has packaging, I will wash the containers and bring them home to recycle instead of putting them in the office trash can;
  • continue bringing my own bags and be more diligent about having reusable forks and spoons;
  • pass this on!

Thanks for this pledge to kick start my activism.

Rena D. Grossman

Organic Food

  • Lisa Montanarelli
  • Queens, NY
  • I buy mostly organic produce and shop at Trader Joe's to make this affordable.
  • I'm doing this to support sustainable agriculture and bring awareness to how pesticides and GMOs throw ecosystems off balance, affecting plants, microorganisms and livestock, as well as us humans.

Being Purposefully Mindful, Or Is that Mindfully Purposeful?

  • Gloria Lucia Albasi
  • Morris Park, The Bronx, NY
  • When at home, I will strive to not use more of ANY household commodity than necessary, just the least amount necessary. When away from home, I will only accept ONE napkin, ONE sugar packet, et cetera. And I will take nothing offered which is made of PLASTIC! (Well, the plastic thing might be tough, but I can try.)
  • Why? Why not? We only have one planet, and we are its stewards. As of yet, we are doing a poor job, let's work on it.

Lassoing the credit card!

  • Janet Varan
  • Ewing, NJ
  • I will not purchase any new clothing (either from retail or thrift stores) for myself this month.
  • I tend to purchase new clothes at the beginning of each season.  It's easier for me to go out and buy something new, than to take some and find/sort thru that season's clothes I packed away the year before in the basement. 

    One reason I am doing this is to be more responsible and not always listen to the "little kid" inside me (oooh....shiny new shoes...must buy...LOL). 

    What's the saying, "Cluttered house, cluttered mind?" 

    I'm decluttering myself.

No Paper Cups and Joining a Credit Union

• Margarita M.
• Harlem, NY
• For the month of April I will be mindful of using paper cups, "to-go" containers and plastic bags.  Also I will open an account with a credit union so that my money is managed by a non-profit member-run financial instutition rather than a for-profit Wall-Street-run banking corporation.
• I am doing this to engage more deeply with the concept of Right Action in my daily life.

Mindfulness Trash Challenge

• Elizabeth Cooper
• Princeton, NJ

Inspired by Adi Carter, I am doing a "mindfulness trash challenge," carrying all of my personal trash around with me for the month of April.

  • I am exempting tissues and toilet papers, although I want to transition out of tissues as much as I can be the end of the month to using a handkerchief. It's just I've been sick so blowing my nose a lot.
  • I will separate "trash" from stuff that could be recycled, although I'm not sure how exactly I'll handle that yet.
  • Compostable stuff I can compost. I am trying to see what I can do with orange peels - any ideas?

I want to make myself uber aware of my trash generation habits and hopefully reduce them! I will alter and add rules for myself as I go along, but figured it was best to just dive in as I've been wanting to do this since I first heard about Adi Carter's project.

Orange peels

For centuries, dried orange peels have been used in Spain as incense. Not for ecclesiastical use, but usually on one's home altar, particularly in devotions to the Blessed Mother.
Since the cost of heating my two-hundred-plus-year-old home skyrocketed this winter, we have been living in one room and heating with the fireplace. When the fire is hot, even fresh orange peels burn quickly and cleanly. Pistachio, peanut, almond and walnut shells also make terrific kindling.
As for recycling, wash all bottles, cans and plastics before separating. Your local municipality will help you sort which goes where. Good luck!


wow, nice! thanks for all the feedback!

as for recycling, yes, I know how it works, I just wasn't sure if I wanted to recycle at all or carry this stuff around with me too, as I've heard there are debates on whether recycling actually ends up being a good thing for the environment or not.

Conventional Orange Peels

One caution about orange (and similar) peels from conventionally grown oranges:  Since the industry doesn't expect anyone to eat the peels, the don't worry much about how much pesticide they spray on it.  So (as I'm told) the peels can be quite laden with pesticides, and if you burn them, I'd image that the pesticides would get into the air.

It's a shame really, because citrus zest has lots of Limonene, which can help prevent cancer.

Mindful Energy Consumption!

Name: Nathalie Rodriguez

Location: Brooklyn, NY/ Scotch Plains, NJ

After a recent surgery and huge life change I decided that for this AWESOME Responsible Consumption month I would pledge to responsibly consume energy on two levels.

The First Level: Outer Environment:

  • Not waste electrical energy (unplug appliances, also use electricity sparingly)
  • Not waste water (take mindful showers, dishwashing using soaking method, not using artificial light as much as possible)
  • Not waste resources in general that require energy to produce (SAYING NO to plastic bags and packaging, re-use vitamin containers etc)

The Second Level: Inner Environment

  • Not waste energy on irresponsible speaking (speaking with intention, SAYING NO to conversations that are draining or unhealthy, and speaking only from a place of genuine love to those around me)
  • Not waste energy on irresponsible action (engaging in behavior that moves the action forward towards conscious living)
  • Not waste energy on irresponsible thinking (positive, healing thoughts, and holding space for whatever needs to arise without attachment!)

May we all be inspired to stick with our pledges and expand our awareness of the merits of responsible consumption!

Family Practice!

Why just limit this challenge and pledge to myself as an individual?  My whole family is participating, though the specifics are TBD.  Follow my weekly blog posts on IDP to see what we're doing, especially how a 3-year-old is living the practice!  

Ethan Nichtern

I'll be in NY, Massachusetts, and Colorado this month. Returning to full vegetarianism for the month, and also not using any paper coffeee cups. May not go vegan, but at least vegetarian

Less shopping

  • Lauren
  • North Carolina
  • I'm planning on bringing lunch to work and when shopping choosing items with less packaging (and getting less shipped to my home as well).
  • Lunch is a clear way to cut down on packaging from to-to options, I think that it could make a noticeable difference at home if I start buying things with less packaging--not to mention send a (small) financial signal to companies about packaging, and we've started to order more online for convenience, but lately I have noticed we have a lot more packaging around. I think these three changes will take some thinking and a bit of time, but could make a big impact in my (and my family's) day-to-day consumption.

More Local Organic Goodness

Shelley Dague
New York, NY

I plan to consume more local fruits & veggies to support farms and businesses in the area.  I'm also taking the steps to close my checking account/credit card at one of those terrible "too big to fail" places. No more banking with those monsters.



plastic packaging


chelsea NYC-

I plan that all purchases, whatever products they may be, will be free of plastic packaging.

I've been hyper aware that almost everything is wrapped in plastic, plastic coated, and other stuff.As an artist this may be difficult, as many materials are contained in plastic.

As I see it plastic is used to "save time, never be in a state of want, and to conserve freshness" which is another name for "so as to have more than i need right now"  I intend to research what the meaning of convenience is for me. This will also mean researching how people lived before the plastic age- which was a long, long time ago.   i pledge to be as mindful as possible with a sense of humor.

Humanely Raised Only Meat & Eggs


Natalie Pineiro

Brooklyn, NYC

I already purchase only humanely raised and free roaming raw beef, turkey and eggs when I grocery shop.  This month, I plan to make the commitment to not eat out or buy pre-packed food that is not humanely raised ("FREE RANGE, GRASS FED, FREE ROAMING, HUMANELY RAISED".  This does not mean organic, which is great, but that only means the animals are fed well.  I don't eat pork or chicken.  This means not eating beef, lamb, eggs or turkey that is "conventionally" raised and makes eating out or grabbing a bite to go, except for a few spots, strictly vegetarian.

A week or so ago a friend of a friend showed me a video of "conventional" meat practices.  It's so deplorable.  I'm also a big fan of Catherine Friend's "The Compassionate Carnivore" which discusses the above labels I mentioned, the industry in general and her own farming practices in detail.  Unless I am in a situation where my own health would be compromised if I didn't eat (I do have a medical condition that I have to watch out for....) I will be making this pledge to eat humane meat and eggs only this month.  It would be great to carry this practice into the rest of the year. ^_^


I already eat organic, and some locally, so I'll improve my consumption of local organics to decrease the amount of fuel spent in food delivery.

I already use my travel mug everywhere. I drink locally roasted coffee using fair trade beans.

For the next month I will however, practice everyday and ask where it is I can deal with my attachments, to be more aware of them, and give them up.


Rob Harrison

Tea and coffee (cups)

  • Emily Herzlin
  • New York, NY
  • I'm giving up disposable cups from coffee shops and delis, etc, and will continue to avoid using plastic bags.
  • I'm doing this because, as someone who loves drinking tea, I realized recently how often I buy disposable cups. I just purchased a good quality hot/cold thermos for responsible consumption month and plan to try to bring it with me instead of buying drinks in disposable containers. I'll still go to the same cafes and coffee shops and delis I usually go to (don't want to take business away from them), but will ask them to fill up my thermos instead of giving me a paper or plastic cup.

Less power/fewer clothes

Nancy Thompson


I vow to get an energy audit for my abode (and follow recommendations)

No new clothes (for me). Only used clothes.

Stop the "Pity" Shopping

Often when I'm in a bad mood or feel I've been wrongly treated I buy myself something.  This is probably a leftover from the days of getting an ice cream cone after visiting the doctor.  I will be conscious of my desires to smooth over my feelings with purchases.

Didn't Mean to be Anonymous!

Stop the Pity post is mine.  I couldn't find the place to log in on that page.  I'll also think of other ways to act.  This is a great concept and I will post it to Facebook.

Plastic Bags

Maho Kawachi


I have two dogs, so, I use plastic bags for them everyday to clean-up their xxxx. I will use the bags mindfully.

you are the best!

hi, maho!

Renee B Bedford, MA What -

Renee B

Bedford, MA

What - For the next 30 days use reusable water bottles only - no new plastic.  Continue to use my bags for shopping.  Buy and eat foods that have a lower impact from packaging to earth resources

Why? I have been trying to create a smaller footprint to reduce the harm I cause the earth.  It is my responsibility to give as much and take as little as I can.

I do not drink alcohol, so I

I do not drink alcohol, so I save the expense around water, glass, metal can, etc. I also give someone my bar seat.

I don't drive so I don't contribute to that industry.

I hope to consume less food and therefore less packaging trash. I will avoid using plastic bags unless I need them for trash. Will carry a tote to the store.

Showers & Big Banks


Bloomington, IN

I plan to turn the water off while I condition my hair and soap up in the shower to save water.  Also, I'm making progress towards closing down my BofA account, but it's a long and slow process. 

This is a regular practice for me - I've done a lot already! Yay, me! But there's always more to be done.


I pledge to bring a reusable bag with me wherever I may make a purchase. When contemplating making a purchase I pledge to pause and decide if it is a want to a need. If unsure, I will wait 48 hours to see if there is a change. I pledge to unplug any electronics, not in use.

Boston, MA I pledge to not

Boston, MA

I pledge to not over consume food-- When one eats more than one needs it creates more waste faster than if one only eats what one needs.  I will also try to eat foods with less packaging and use up the foods I have in my home before shopping.  I will also try to unplug electronics that I am not using.

I consider myself very careful about environmental concerns.  I rarely drive (mostly bike and walk), I reuse everything, recycle everything, always have my own shopping bag, eat well etc.  But there are always more small changes that need to be made for the earth's sake!

• Robert Weisberg• Chicago•

• Robert Weisberg
• Chicago
• Planning to limit the amount of waste I produce through re-usable bowls/plates/utensils and limiting the amount of indulgent resources I consume (ride my bike instead of driving, eat less food)

• I enjoy doing this as a reminder to myself that I consume more than I actually need to, and by thinking more responsibly, I can improve my life and the life of those around me.

My Pledge


• Thomas Waters
• Pittsburgh PA
• I currently use reusable bags for the grocery store, but generally fail to use them for any other shopping. Time to change that. For this month, I will use reusable bags for al shopping in any type of store. 
Additionally I will make a conscious effort to ask myself before any purchase: can I do without this purchase, and if the answer is yes, I will not make the purchase.
• I am choosing to add this to my daily practice at this time as a way to allow this habit to become a conscious part of my everyday routine and way of being in my world.

Cleaning Supplies

Chelsea Woolf
Bay Area, CA

I pledge to make all or most of my household cleaning supplies this month. I already use vinegar and baking soda instead of their harsh chemical equivilants; however, I realize I could also be using tea tree oil as a disinfectant and homemade detergent for laundry and dishes and thereby also reduce my consumption of plastic.

Savvy Sartorial Splendor

* Mary Veronica Sweeney
* Brooklyn, NY
* I am delighted to continue spreading the word about Housing Works' many projects to end the dual crises of homelessness and AIDS through, for one, it's many Thrift Shops throughout the city. For 30 days I will only buy their FABULOUS and affordable clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, gift items, and more that are modestly priced despite their stylin brand names.
* I am making this commitment to not participate in a culture of easily disposal consumer items and serve as a proud advocate for recycling.

growing green

*Monica C

*DC Area

*Get the garden planted! No buying anything that isn't absolutely necessary. Bring the bags. Pack the lunch. Bake the cookies, don't buy em... have 3 kids, consume insane amounts of cookies here, would love to say good-bye to the Milanos and Oreos and go homemade.

*Grateful to have space to grow food, but April is mayhem at work, and I'm always way behind on planting the garden. Pledging to try to stay on planting schedule better this year. Also, life is hectic, but would love to put food prep higher on the priority list at home.

paper towels

Ellen Scordato

New York, NY

I am planning to reduce my use of paper towels. I realize how many I use--they are a real weakness of mine. I am prone to using them instead of plates because I get lazy.

I plan to reduce my use of plastic utensils and packaging by purchasing products in recyclable materials whenever possible. I do want to support local retailers, but I can buy soup and salad in paper containers, not plastic ones.

Doing this to remind myself of interdependence and wake up from my oft-mindless consumption habits. (e.g. the paper towel plate syndrome) Mindful consumption is a practice, repeated over and over. I need to practice it and April is the perfect month to do that with the support and humor of the IDP online sangha.

More Farmer's Market visits and less Whole Foods for produce

  • Kim Stetz
  • East Village, NYC
  • I've got the bags thing down, unplugging cords when not using devices, using cloth napkins instead of paper, the obvious not letting water run when not using and turning lights off when not in a room. C'mon who doesn't do that last one?
  • I pledge to shift ALL my produce shopping to the Farmer's Market or local health food store Commodoties on First Ave and 10th St. All of their produce is organic and I do my best to support this store over Whole Foods though don't get me wrong I LOVE WF and shop there almost every day. I am guilty of buying my organic leafy greens in plastic containers $5.00 a pop. I will only buy loose greens, no pre-packs.
  • I am doing this cut back on plastic consumption and will be aware of what other products I regularly buy all wrapped up in plastic.

Kicking the Chemicals (from my cupboards)

*Adreanna Limbach
*Astoria, NY

*I'm making a commitment over the next 30 days to kick the last bastion of the chemical based products that are in my cupboards: by finding (or making) sustainable alternatives that are equally as effective.

*I'm doing this because although I've cut my 'chemical dependency' by a good 75% in recent years, there are a few products I cling to as more effective--waterproof mascara, nail polish, toothpaste, etc. It's a pledge to further respect the micro environment of my body, and the macro environment these products get flushed into.

Pack a Lunch! Unclutter a Landfill?

  • Angela Russo
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • I plan on bringing my lunch to work daily (utilizing my lovely glass pyrex finally!)
  • The first reason I chose this is because I realized that not only does it hurt me financially, but as I thought of it buying lunch at the usual spots I eat at entails a daily plastic or styrofoam container to carry the food back to my office, plastic utensils, plastic bags, and also being unmindful of the quality of food or ways it is being prepared. Second, it will inspire me to begin looking at other businesses in the area and how they produce their food, hopefully uncovering mindful businesses that I can indulge in for lunch every now and then.

Pedal oppt

  • Jonathan Anders
  • Greater DC metro area
  • My plan is to purchase a very used bike this month ($20), fix it up, and use that as my main form of transportation
  • I'm doing this in the hope to cut down on my carbon foot print/reduce my use of gas - shooting to replace my normal routine of public transport (& occasional car use) with an 80-90% bike or hike routine to take me where i need to go

Giving up stuff

I will remember to take my bags to stores and not use plastic bags
I will remember to use less electricity by disconnecting items that use power even when turned off

GMO Free for Me

• Patrick Groneman
• Brooklyn, NY
• I am planning to give-up foods with Genetically Modified Organisms for 30 Days.
• I'm doing this to a) see if it is possible b) bring more awareness to my food consumption habits c) bring awareness to the political question of GMO labeling.

See ya on the blogs!

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