Meditation Teacher Instruction and Trainings

Support and Training for Teachers of Meditation

The Interdependence Project is committed to offering multi-lineage, Secular Buddhist education, including support and training for the instruction of contemplative practices.  We understand the importance of integrating the philosophical and ethical principles of the Buddhist traditions with contemporary teaching and therapeutic methods to create responsible and skilled meditation instructors.  Our trainings include:

Yearlong Teaching Meditation Program: Participants learn individual and group meditation techniques, supported by the Buddhist framework of wisdom, contemplation, and ethics.  The training is designed to prepare individuals to offer meditation instruction to their clients, patients, family, and the general public, and is open to therapists, educators, life coaches, leaders, managers, social workers, yoga teachers, and those inspired by their own practice to encourage others to work with their minds and hearts. Directed and taught by Buddhist teacher and author, and IDP Founder, Ethan Nichtern, with Teacher Kate Johnson.


Teaching Mindfulness to Children: In this two-day workshop, child psychologist Dr. Heidi Marben will teach parents, educators, and anyone working closely with children age-appropriate methods and exercises designed to introduce kids ages 6-17 to mindfulness meditation.  This workshop will provide participants with both the knowledge and skill to offer creative mindfulness techniques to children.  Activities including stories, games, and projects will be demonstrated and practiced.

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