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The Interdependence Project
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Sun, 12/31/2017, 8:00am - 9:00am



Since its inception, IDP has offered secular and multi-lineage programs accessible to everyone.  We've improved and updated our curriculum (formerly known as the Secular Buddhist Studies Program) to create a series of retreats and workshops, presenting distinct areas of learning and practice for contemporary mindfulness students, including targeted trainings to encourage ethical integrity, meditative contemplation and clarifying wisdom.

Mindfulness Plus 101 consists of weekend retreats and workshops, taught by the IDP Faculty.  This program is open to anyone and will provide you with a solid foundation on which to develop your practice for life.  We've integrated traditional techniques of wisdom, ethics, and meditation to help you create a harmonious life for yourself and others.  Learn to reconnect to your mind, heart, and community with easily learned techniques.  Mindfulness Plus 101 is designed to help you gain clarity, develop concentration, and become more friendly towards everyone, including yourself.

Who is this program for? This program was specifically designed for people who want to go deeper into Buddhist wisdom but are turned off by heavily spiritual jargon, dogma or devotion, and/or overt religiosity. The program is also perfect for individuals who would like to have more of a sense of community but do not want to be tied to denominational membership and/or participation. Buddhism has deeply penetrated Western culture, but it is sometimes difficult to get a full sense and appreciation for its diversity. IDP is proud to help cultivate a secular, multi-lineage and agnostic Buddhist community.

What does Mindfulness Plus mean? “More than Meditation.”  In addition to meditation, wisdom, and ethics are skills necessary to effectively engage in personal and collective transformation. Incorporating Buddhist principles, western psychology, and practical philosophy, Mindfulness Plus 101 empowers people to live in balance with our complex and interconnected world. Meditation helps to cultivate presence. Ethics helps to cultivate skillful and non-harmful behavior, and wisdom helps to cultivate a curious, inquisitive and clear mind.
How do I start? The best time is now.  You can begin anytime, and complete the program in as quickly as one year or take as much time as you like.  We recognize that everyone’s path is unique and encourage you to create a plan of study that supports your needs.  
Requirements for program completion:
–Five (5) Mindfulness Plus 101 half-day workshops
–Two (2) Mindfulness Plus 101 daylong workshops
–Two (2) Two-Day Mindfulness Plus 101 Training Weekend
–Four (4) Half-Day Silent Meditation Retreats
–Four (4) Daylong Silent Meditation Retreats
–A regular (mainly daily) meditation practice for at least a year
–At least one (1) One on One Meeting with an IDP Teacher
Participants may register for the entire program for a discounted price of $1,000 or you may take classes that interest you as you like.


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