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The 2013 Annual Members Meeting is May 3, 2014.  Please follow this link for details.

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An Important Way to Help IDP


The Interdependence Project, with its unique multi-lineage, Secular Buddhist Programs and Transformational Activism, is establishing itself in the vanguard of engaged and mindful communities in the world.  Our outreach includes students throughout the United States and the globe, including Singapore, Brazil, South Africa, South Korea, and France.  Membership in this one-of-a-kind sangha is a commitment of support to everyone’s path of awakening, including your own.  


Becoming a Member of IDP expresses your understanding of interdependence; knowing that to create meaningful change around us, we must develop ourselves, and vice versa. As our influence grows, we have greater opportunities to make a positive impact on our society and the entire world.  


Did You Know?


  • IDP’s website receives 60,000 views every month, with over 15,000 new visitors

  • More than 6,000 people listen to each IDP podcast

  • There are currently 200 students registered for our Home Study Classes, which is a 500% increase from the previous year

  • Our Sunday Introduction to Meditation attendance has tripled in 2013

  • We provide 1,000 free classes each year as part of our Work-Study Program

  • IDP’s community events include a monthly People of Color Group, Queer Dharma, and an upcoming Family Hour

  • We manage and administrate all this with a staff of 3 part-time employees!

Economic Reality

Operating a growing non-profit in New York City requires reliable and continued support from our community.  In 2013, we incurred a rent increase along with other costs such as website upgrades to improve online access. Your Membership allows us to meet the challenge of thriving in a difficult financial climate, as well as helping us budget and plan with greater stability and ensuring our ability to provide programs and events for everyone. 


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Minimum: $10.00

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