Tibet's Time Machine and the Activism of Global Happiness with Joseph Loizzo Part 1

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Welcome to the ID Project Podcast. This podcast features a lecture by Joseph Loizzo titled Tibet's Time Machine and the Activism of Global Happiness. It was recorded on February 29th, 2012 in New York City. This is the first of a two part podcast.

This talk introduces the futuristic science and contemplative activism of the Kalachakra Tantra some call the Time-Machine or Wheel of Time. While skills like mindfulness were developed for monastic living, a rare tradition based at Nalanda, the world’s first university, set out to develop and spread socially engaged arts and sciences meant to pacify and transform the militarized society of ancient India and the newly civilized world. The most modern, scientific form of this rare tradition, the Time-Machine curriculum was preserved for posterity in a time-capsule: the mountain kingdom hidden in Central Asia called Shambhala (Shangrila in the classic Lost Horizons). As the prophecy goes, the crown jewel of the kingdom, its system for teaching contemplative altruism in a world torn by stress, trauma and violence, will help spark the dawn of a new global era of inner and outer peace for all humanity when the time is ripe. In this talk, Dr. Loizzo unpacks this tradition's exceptional approach to non-violent activism: the embodiment of heroic altruism based on tapping the neural network and flow of bliss chemistry and harnessing it to transform our reactive body-minds into open networks of non-local happiness and community-building inspiration.

Joseph Loizzo, M.D., Ph.D., is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and Columbia-trained Buddhist scholar with over thirty years' experience studying the beneficial effects of meditation on healing and learning. He is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in Integrative Medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, where he researches and teaches mind/body health. He has taught science and religion, the scientific study of religious experience, and the Indo-Tibetan mind sciences at Columbia University, where he currently is adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion at the Columbia Center for Buddhist Studies.

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Tibet's Time Machine and the Activism of Global Happiness with Joseph Loizzo Part 01

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