IDP Be Free - Responsible eConsumption Daily Challenge for January!

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Wed, 1/1/2014, 8:00am - Fri, 1/31/2014, 9:00am


January is Responsible (e)Consumption Month
Bring Mindfulness to Your Electronics Use
Take the IDP Be Free! Challenge & Power Down for an Hour Each Day - January 1-10th 
In a world of computers, smart phones, tablets, ipodstelevisions, and countless other distractions, many of us are living a frenzied life of stress and multi-tasking.   Although access to a global network of people and information offers wonderful opportunities for transformation and connection, it also often prevents us from simply being present with what is actually happening off screen and in this moment.  With six billion people now using cellphones, Responsible (e)Consumption is more important than ever before.  
IDP Be Free is about bringing mindfulness, presence, and wonder back to our lives. Imagine what life would be like if we could actually give our full attention to those who matter to us at the dinner table. If we could walk through the park and enjoy the trees, the birds, the wind, and the presence of others, without having to stop and check Facebook or post on Twitter? 
For the first ten days of January, IDP, along with thousands of people worldwide, will take the Be Free pledge. For one hour each day, an hour of our choosing (during which we would normally keep our electronics on), we promise to put down our cell phones, shut off our televisions and other electronics, and simply be present with whatever we're doing. If we're reading, we'll just read. If we're walking, we'll walk. If we're having dinner, we'll eat, and we'll learn to be fully present with whoever is in our company, even if we’re dining alone. It's a one hour mindfulness practice that takes place in life, not just on the cushion. 
When the hour's up, we invite everyone to pick up your phone, power on your laptop, and share your experiences on social media with the hashtag #IDPBEFREE!
Please join all of us here at the Interdependence Project and take the Be Free pledge. You can share about it publicly and encourage others to take the pledge, too, but that's up to you! Just don't tweet about it while you're driving!
IDP Be Free is part of January’s Responsible (e)Consumption Month, during which we’ll be focusing our attention on becoming more discerning, aware, and careful about how and when we consume information and communication via telephone, cellphone, internet, radio, and television.  

*Turning off your phone while you’re watching television doesn’t count.  Neither does shutting off electronics while you’re sleeping!

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