A Buddhist Holiday Toolkit - Wednesday Nights Nov. 28 - Dec. 19th

Practical Methods for Dealing with Difficult People & Frustrating Situations


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Wed, 11/28/2012, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Wed, 12/5/2012, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Wed, 12/12/2012, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Wed, 12/19/2012, 7:00pm - 9:00pm




Despite the love and affection we may feel toward our loved ones, for many of us the holidays can be extremely stressful. Interacting with difficult relatives, confronting years of conditioned behavior arising within us, and enduring the turmoil of family gatherings, travel, and gift-giving are among the difficulties we face each holiday season.  Optimistic expectations are often met with disappointment and result in long-lasting resentment.

Join us for a four-week series designed to address such challenging issues; learn to soften our hearts, work with painful emotions, and transform our relationships with ourselves and others.

11/28 - Discovering Clarity with Ven. Lawrence Grecco & Kate Johnson |  Sometimes our expectations and memories cloud our ability to see others and ourselves clearly.  We'll discuss how to simply be present with our experience, welcoming all that arises with gentleness and patience, and how this creates and allows space to clearly see what's happening in the present moment.

12/5 - Setting our Intention with Kimberly Brown & Ven. Lawrence Grecco | When we begin to see our reactions, thoughts, and feelings clearly, we can discover our true intention.  Together we'll create a Gatha (a Buddhist Aspiration) and learn Metta and Tonglen practices.

12/12 - Dealing with the Worst with Kate Johnson & Kimberly Brown | It's said that our family knows how to push our buttons because they're the ones who put them there.  Learn what to do when you're overcome with anger, rage, hatred, sadness, stress, anxiety, and hopeless.  Hear the Buddha's advice on dealing with evil-mind states! 

12/19 - Offering the Best with Kimberly Brown & Kate Johnson |  The fruits of Buddhist contemplative and ethical practice include generosity, patience, acceptance, and compassion.   Learn how to recognize the Basic Goodness in others, and to offer Dana and kindness, creating and sustaining relationships of joy and openness.

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