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Next Session

When will the next session of Intro to Buddhism begin?

Is Memorex OK?

I would like to study this course, but it started one month ago, so I would not be taking the course live. Does this matter? There does not appear to be any live participation online for home study. - E .

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Course readings?

Can you post the recommended readings for this course please?


readings will be emailed to participants in the next few days...perhaps as late as Wednesday morning. Best, L

Intro courses distance/online this September 2011

Hi, Just signed up as a member. Would like to take online course. Very familiar with online platform. How does your delivery work?


mp3 download

Hi John,  Our courses are delivered via mp3 file that is housed on a class page only accessible to registered participants.  They are usually available by the end of the second day following a session.

Coming up soon we'll be having live video streaming too!  Stay tuned :)

Differen time zone

I don't live in the US, nor in the East Coast time zone. Can I still do the at home course, or do I need to be available at 7 or 9pm EST on Wednesdays?


podcasts are available for download only right now. this is not a live class offering. you would not need to be available at 7-9PM EST on wednesdays.

metta, l

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