Study at Home: Buddhist Studies - 10 Week "Techniques of Meditation" Series with Joseph Mauricio, Shastri Ethan Nichtern and Ellen Scordato


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Hi - I just signed up as well! Are there additional materials besides the ones on this page that I'll need?




We'll send you access to the current course content -- all of the classes are archived and downloadable, so you can catch up at your own pace.

Material access

Hi all,

I signed in for the online-program do I get access to the materials? I can't manage to sign in on the website either...




I'm just about to sign up for the home-study, but in looking at the reading list, I see that there are 3 separate editions of the Chogyam Trungpa book and would like to know which one is the one to be used in the course. (They're the first 3 results on Amazon.) Looking forward to knowing the right one. Thanks!



is fine. But I believe the 2003 edition is the preferred.

Best, L


Will the podcasts be downloadable into Itunes? One of the IDP classes I have taken was and one was not - the portability of itunes was a huge difference maker. Thanks. Ellen

the podcasts...

...are there should be no issue importing them into itunes. best, l


This will be my first class and would need to be home study for geographical reasons. What is the typical homestudy comprised of?


You get access to an online discussion board, the reading list/schedule and would receive podcasts of the lessons approx. 2 days after the lessons were taught live. Best, L

first timer

I assume then that I can do that at a different time then the Wed scheduled class?  Or will there be an on line seminar component that is in front of a pc?


...can be listened to at your leisure. If taking the class for Homestudy credit (rather than the audit option) there is one online group skype session.

New reading list?

Why did the reading list change? I probably will find the Practice of Lojong of interest someday, but would have preferred not buy another paper book. At least both new Titles are available as ebooks. That makes 3 of 5, for which I thank you.



I have a work commitment every other wednesday evening but I'd like to participate in the course: if you are auditing Home Study- can you get a recording of the discussion sessions you missed or is only a conference dial in option?

avi rose

Hey Avi

The two hours are recorded and will be available to listen at your convenience! Conference dial-in is for a personal check-in with others doing Homestudy. Best, L

Taking courses for credit

As I live in Florida I am unable to participate in the retreats, though I would love to.  Would I stilll be able to get the certificate in Buddhist Studies if I don't attend the retreats.  I am sure that I could find retreats to attend either in Tallahassee or in Gainesville but they wouldn't be on the same subject. 

Please advise. 

Thank you so much,

Mary Keith

Hey Mary

You should address this question to Ethan at If there is a solution, he would be able to find it. Best, L

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