Introduction to Engaged Practice

Engaged Practice

This new program is designed to introduce the meaning and principles of engaged Buddhism from a multi-lineage and contemporary perspective.  We'll explore how personal, social and political identities affect our practice, and how we can improve understanding of how to address issues of social, environmental and economic justice. Designed and led by IDP teacher Jessica Rodrigues, it will be supported by the IDP Faculty.

The Introduction to Engaged Practice program consists of six weekend sessions (all day Saturday and half-day on Sunday) over eight months. Teachings and practice will include sitting meditation, interactive exercises, mindful movement, and discussion.  Participants will be expected to attend all sessions, and support each other between weekends. 

Topics for each weekend are as follows:

Weekend 1 | Introduction: Engaged Buddhism - What Is It?

Weekend 2 | Environmental Justice

Weekend 3 | Poverty and Economic Justice

Weekend 4 | Racial Justice

Weekend 5 | Gender, Sexual Orientation, and Disability

Weekend 6 | Justice For All: Tying It Together

This program will begin in early 2017.   Details and cost will be announced in October.  Anyone with a daily meditation practice of at least six months is welcome to apply.  If you're interested in this program, please email 


Jessica Rodrigues' path has focused on the convergence between individual well-being, social justice and planetary health. Her experiences living in different countries and cultures have shaped her view of interdependence and continue to influence her approach to teaching mediation and building community. She is inspired by the potential for meditation and Buddhist teachings to empower ​everyone​ to face and transform our suffering and move through life more gracefully with a sense of joy and gratitude. Jessica holds a MS in International Development from Georgetown University​, and s​he is a graduate of IDP's ​Meditation ​Teacher Training Program​.  She ​regularly practices ​"meditation for two​"​, otherwise known as Argentine tango. 



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