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Daily Connect: Foreva?


Our purpose is just to keep this practice forever. This practice started from beginningless time, and it will continue into an endless future. Strictly speaking, for a human being there is no other practice than this practice. There is no other way of life than this way of life. - Zen master Suzuki Roshi
Foreva foreva? Like tomorrow plus tomorrow plus infinity and every yesterday that ever was foreva?
And what does this foreva practice entail?:
Commit not a single unwholesome action, 
Cultivate a wealth of virtue, 
To tame this mind of ours.  - Budda
Do not investigate the roots of things; investigate the root of mind! -  Padmasambhava

(And to get cracking on foreva - a weekend retreat THIS weekend might be a good start: Buddhist Studies Weekend Retreat - Four Mindfulnesses)

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