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Daily Connect: John and Schoep, Our Love Story


In the photo above, John holds his 19 year-old dog, Schoep.  He regularly takes Schoep to Lake Superior and cradles him in the water until he falls asleep, as the cool and buoyant water soothes Schoep's arthritic pain.

If you're like millions of other people around the world, you'll find this story and image very moving.  I viewed it last month in the presence of three other people;  all of us immediately burst into tears, our hearts moved by John's tenderness and devotion.     

Stories of kindness and compassion travel throughout the internet and the media at the speed of light.  The train driver who stopped to save a kitten on the tracks; a garbage man who searched through mountains of trash to find a stranger's lost wedding ring; the 91 year old woman who met her daughter after 67 years, a polar bear playing with the dog, and, (my favorite, I'm crying while re-reading the story), the man who jumped down onto the subway tracks and saved someone by covering him with his body moments before a train rolled on top of them.

Our interest in these stories and the feelings they provoke are evidence of our inherent desire to connect to each other and all beings, and our deep knowledge of our interdependence.  While our confused thoughts and society may tell us to be distrustful and afraid of each other, our hearts know the truth.  Each of us are John and Schoep, enlightened beings giving and receiving as one. 

The photo of John Unger and Schoep was taken by photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson of Stonehouse Photography.



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