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Daily Sit

Some folks are doing a 30-day meditation and yoga challenge inspired by Cyndi Lee, "OMYoga 30," and some people are doing a 28-day meditation challenge with Sharon Salzberg. Both offerings are a great way to keep your cushion from collecting dust, lint. and feathers. We support each other on and off the mat. We motivate each other with friendship, understanding, and being present. It's never too late to join in. Start your Day One whenever and go from there. There will always be a Day One for someone just as there will be a Day One Thousand for someone else. Start where you are. How can you start from any other place? This blog can also be used as a place for communication and sharing your practice.

Daily Sit invites you to practice meditation with a live online community. Inspired by "Sitting Project," a daily meditation piece, Kim Brown and I thought it would be supportive to the community to offer an online interactive presence for meditation. I will post each week a photo like the one above and a thought (just a thought, right?). If you would like to share a peek at your experience or a simple notation that you sat, please do so in the "comments" section.

Each week there will be an opportunity for anyone who wants to participate online in a community sit. Join me and others on Saturday, February 16, at 9 a.m. EST for a 30-minute sit from your home or wherever you are. I will do my best to make this the regular time for the community sit. You can find and add me as a friend on Insight Timer or add yourself to the group "Daily Sit IDP" on Insight Timer. If we are already friends on FB, we are automatically friends on Insight Timer.

How to add a friend on Insight Timer

The app is not necessary to participate with the community meditation and this blog. If you can't make 9 a.m. join in whenever you can and stay as long as you like. I can be found by my name on Facebook and Twitter. Anyone in the community is welcome to friend and connect with others who want to log in during Daily Sit.

If you are already working with a technique, then continue. If you are new to meditation, I encourage attending classes for instruction and foundational teachings like the ones below.

Continuing with the The Four Foundations of Mindfulness you may use this as a guide for working with the first foundation Mindfulness of Body.
Mindfulness Yoga by Frank Jude Boccio :
1. "Breathing in a long breath, aware of breathing in a long breath. Breathing out a long breath, aware of breathing out a long breath." He or she practices like this.
2. "Breathing in a short breath, aware of breathing in a short breath. Breathing out a short breath, aware of breathing out a short breath." He or she practices like this.
3. "Breathing in, aware of my whole body. Breathing out, I am aware of my whole body." He or she practices like this.
4. "Breathing in, calming my whole body. Breathing out, calming my whole body." He or she practices like this. 
I would like to note as Boccio does as well that "whole body" can be thought of as whole (breath) body as in the body of the breath.
Please seek help and guidance if the going gets rough.

You are not alone.

This blog post is to encourage daily meditation practice, journaling, healing and connecting.

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