Why does society by-and-large need to LABEL? Why do they HAVE to have such word-usage? EVEN when there are none to speak of?

Is it because for them it makes it easier to "label" something so it or that one can be catagorized? Is it something done out of a way to soothe that sometimes, there are no words' - so they try to find some instead of being able to sit with having none?

I have mutism issues - I sometimes go into this place, where no one can come, and it is not so much I need them when there - but when I come out of that "zone" for the lack of a better term. This has been called "shut-down" by some.....


I realized I actually do it for protection and also some other reasons' - basically there are 3 times I tend to do it -


1. When my anxiety gets' the best of me, I CANNOT get a single word out, even if I want to in some settings' and situations'.

2. When I need to really internalize something important that others' are saying that can assist me, for me to take it in and retain it, I actually need to stop talking for several hours', if not days' because otherwise I focus to much on what I think is right to say or what I am trying to convey and get out, when I cannot find the words', but often find I can SHOW it in non-verbal ways' - movement, art, etc...

3. When I am in deep contemplation and also, trying to resolve something or really hurt and scared about where the resolution may lead, I shut-down for protection.


I suppose I need to write 4 times then because three actually is a difference when I do it for contemplation and do it from being hurt, terror, a place of fear, or just scared at the resolution.


I realized for me, when I feel pressured to talk, it actually prevents me from talking even more...sending me deeper with-in.

I am SO highly aware of what is going on around me, but I cannot get words' gets to much and that is my way of slowing down the communication process to a point I can really grasp what is going on and also, decreasing sensory-overload.  


It works' for me, though some - most do not get it, much more even then the medication I take for anxiety or other reasons' - it works' much like art, which I actually find healthier in many respects' then popping a pill to ease it - it is MY way to ease it and if I can get through it with inner strength, why not do just that?


I actually did not intend for this particular blog to be about this, but about the labeling thing.


I wanted to write about "emotions" and "feelings" and why they are seen or termed as "negative" or "positive" ones' when that almost invalidates that we all have a right to feel whatever we - as long as it is genuine - that last part was something someone once told me - a great mentor I had.


So, to VALIDATE we have a right to feel whatever we feel, then throwing a label on it, would only appear more hindering to me.


I actually do not think it is so much about what we FEEL, but what we do or do NOT do in response to the emotion - this is where I find Buddhism and Meditation so HEALING!


I mean, there are times we need to do something about them, but there are other times', when doing NOTHING is best and just sitting with them, just being, is the best way to get through the moment and heal - meditating, BEING!


So, I ask if anyone reads' this and has a response, please share what you FEEL about the labeling of emotions' versus just BEING with them and what we do with them....


Thanks for reading, and hope you are all studying hard - meditating DEEP - and BEING just w(here) you are in the moment!


and sometimes, I think that is just sitting with our breath and enjoying the art of BEING which is not doing nothing, in fact, it is doing much - it is BEING ALIVE and savoring that 1 singular moment in time we have.....


~ In Peace



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